A List Of Health and Wellness Aids Used By Myself Or By My Loved Ones That Have Made Life A Little Bit Easier And Less Painful.

Below is a list of products that I HIGHLY recommend because they have made my life healthier and easier. Plus, there are a few things on this list that I use for my children in hopes to give them the healthiest start I possibly can. While I highly recommend these products, I encourage you to learn more about them by clicking on the button underneath the item description.

If you know of any products that have helped you or your loved ones and would like to share it with the PK Village, please email with the subject “ProductKnowlogy.”


Natural Health Care

Recovery / Pain Management

  • These CW-X Stabilyx tights are by far the BEST compression pants that I have ever worn. I wear them whenever my lower body feels exacerbated. Unlike others I have tried they actually compress. They even make my knees feel supported and stable, something that a knee brace has ever been able to do for me. The only negative is that they should come in petite and they are not the easiest to get on but are totally worth the struggle.
  • Massage helps with circulation, flexibility, and helps reduce scar tissue build up. This massage roller makes it easy to give yourself a total body massage (but you will need assistance reaching your back, of course). I recommend that when using always massage in one direction, preferably downward toward your feet. This massage roller is very durable (I’ve had mine for years), plus the price will not break the bank.
  • I have tried over 220 topicals both prescription and OTC (Over-The-Counter) and none of them have worked. This is the ONLY topical cream that has ever provided me complete pain relief. This CBDA cream is 1000mg and once I rub it on the relief is almost instant. It is a little pricey but to me it’s definitely worth the investment.
  • B Vitamins are a very vital vitamin that balances the body. I take it whenever I feel stressed mentally or physically and it calms my body. It especially helps with my nerve pain.

In The Kitchen

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